Teaching forgiveness and peace in our schools

As part of our educational program, We Are Many – United Against Hate organized its first school outreach event: “Forgiveness After Hate & Then Promoting Peace Together” at Mount Horeb High School on May 23rd. About 800 students attended the 2-hour event. The impetus for this program started when two students from this school attended our “Moving Past Hate” event (hosted at Monona Terrace on December 10, 2017) and were so impressed and moved that they convinced their teachers and administrators to invite us so that their students can listen to this powerful message of Arno (a former White Supremacist) and Pardeep Kaleka (son of a victim). The event was a great success and has helped engage and empower these students to make a difference in their community. The two students have been appointed on the Advisory Board of United Against Hate and will take the lead in organizing similar educational events at various High Schools, particularly those located in rural communities throughout Wisconsin.

We just received this text message from Mount Horeb about the event:

“Thank you again for making today possible! The students got so much from the assembly and talked all day about the positive messages they took away. I heard multiple times that you all were the best speakers they’ve ever heard. It wouldn’t have happened without you. We appreciate all of your efforts! We can’t thank you enough. The students are still talking about it and the impact it had on them. Even parents are emailing about what a wonderful opportunity our school provided to our community.”

Click here for media coverage of this event at channel3000.com.