International Advisory Board (In Formation)

Anthony Bindewald

Anthony Bindewald is our first International Advisory Board member. Anthony is a native German and German citizen. He and his wife Karin live 45 miles northeast from Frankfurt in the State of Hessen. For many years he was involved into the Hessen Wisconsin sister state Relationship and worked on several projects. As a former Bank manager in the Credit Union Organization, Anthony retired in 2017. During his career he worked in Wisconsin for 2 periods, including as an International Liaison. Since his early childhood, Anthony has a close relationship to Wisconsin. He and his wife Karin travel to the United States almost twice every year and build new relationships. He is also related to Great Britain, Ireland, Hungry, Canada and Cyprus. They love to travel, next to Norway in July 2022.

Discrimination on this planet is on a high level and happens around us every day. He believes that every human being should have the same rights and ​must be treated with respect.