Our Future Goals

We need your financial support!

Our grass root movement is rapidly growing, and we have our work cut out for us! We all have the opportunity to be proactive, strategic, non-partisan, and act (silence is no longer an option) to build an inclusive community and United America free of violence and extremism.  If people can be taught to hate, we can easily teach them how to love. 

Please join our Movement and be part of our Village to make that change.  

Future Plan (2023-2025)

Building upon our accomplishments so far, we have ambitious goals for the next few years that will broaden our reach, deepen our roots in the communities we serve, and strengthen our impact around the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Growing our movement

  • Recruit up to 100 students (Middle/High School/College/urban & rural) from across the state to serve on Student Ambassador Board.
  • Establish 25 chapters of WAM- UAH across the state on various campuses led by students.
  • Establish 10 chapters of WAM- UAH in various states/countries.
  • Hire part-time staff in Business Development, Marketing, and Administration
  • Hire a part-time Unity Director

Providing education and outreach

  • Help incorporate Equity & Inclusion plans in school/colleges, government agencies, and businesses
  • Work closely with Subject Matter Experts and former white Supremacists on WAM – UAH Honorary Board to specifically develop fact-based educational programs/training for:
    • Law enforcement people
    • White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, KKK, QAnon, Proud Boys, Antifa, etc.
    • Mainstream Media
    • And testify at the Capitol Hill

Promoting equity in government

  • Establish “Wisconsin Bipartisan Unity Caucus” & “National Bipartisan Unity Caucus” co-chaired by elected officials of both parties and with the active participation of white, black, and brown people, including youth. The caucus will meet quarterly and discuss issues/solutions as one team. 
  • Work on legislations on adding homegrown hate groups to the list of the terrorist organizations (as Canada did recently) so that they can be prosecuted the same way we prosecute foreign terrorists.