• Masood Akhtar, President & Founder
• Kevin Royalty, Vice President
• Eric Horn, Director of Operations
• Kerry G. Hill, Director of Communications
• Emily Zachary, Unity Director

Masood Akhtar, President & Founder
Madison, WI

Masood Akhtar is an Indian-born proud American Muslim entrepreneur and activist.  Akhtar has been living in Madison for over 35 years.   

Akhtar has founded and led multiple businesses and has also been actively involved with numerous community projects. One of Akhtar’s most visible efforts is a statewide, non-partisan Movement he founded called We Are Many -United Against Hate with a focus on teaching forgiveness and peace, addressing the root causes of hate, bigotry, and racism, and building inclusive communities while empowering youth. Akhtar’s Movement is not about us vs. them.   

Akhtar is also a frequent keynote speaker/panelist/columnist/guest on TV shows.     

Akhtar also served on Dane County’s “Immigration and Refugee Task Force” aimed to build trust between local law enforcement officials and the immigration and refugee communities and thus reduce fear.    

In 2017, Akhtar was awarded “Certificate of Appreciation” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and his name has been added to the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama, to provide inspiration to all those who choose to take a stand against hatred.   

In 2017, Akhtar was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” by Sergeant Janesville Police Department; Lieutenant, Kenosha Police Department; and Director of Emergency Management, UW-Madison Police Department to recognize with deep gratitude the contributions made by Akhtar to the Wisconsin Command College Re-Trainer.   

In 2019, Akhtar received the prestigious national FBI’s 2018 Director’s Community Leadership Award at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC from FBI Director Christopher Wray.   

In 2019, Akhtar received “Certificate of Achievement” from Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers that states “all Wisconsinites should be inspired by Masood’s work and strive to unite together regardless of differences and seek to build a state and a country that is united against hate, bigotry, and racism.   

In 2019, Akhtar was presented with “2019 Manfred E. Swarsensky Humanitarian Service Award” by the Rotary Club of Madison.    

In 2019, Akhtar was appointed on the Board of Friends of PBS Wisconsin.    

In 2020, Akhtar was named one of Wisconsin’s 48 most influential Asian American Leaders   

In 2021, Akhtar also received a letter from President Biden addressing racial equity and justice for all and promising to root out white supremacy in America.   

In 2022, the U.S. Department of State asked Akhtar to host delegates from various countries in Africa, Europe, and Middle East with focus on combating violent extremism.   

In 2022, President Biden recognized Akhtar as a “Uniter” along with 18 others from across the country at the “United We Stand” summit at the White House on September 15.  

Kevin Royalty, Vice President
Fitchburg, WI

Kevin Royalty is a director of R&D for Siemens Healthineers, and leads a team of scientists focused on translational imaging research for minimally invasive surgery. Kevin brings experience from several different industries including defense, telecommunications, healthcare, and venture capital. He and his family have lived in the Madison area for more than 9 years and are actively involved with Madison public schools, the Fitchburg community and their church. Kevin has a B.S. in electrical engineering from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He holds Master’s degrees in business administration and biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Eric Horn, Director of Operations
Madison, WI

Eric Horn has been working with Masood Akhtar for over 25 years in various businesses and ventures. In addition to his appointment at We Are Many – United Against Hate as the Director of Operations, he is also the Treasurer for Empowering Students for Success, Inc., an organization that provides interest-free loan and mentors to students from low- and medium-income families to get higher education. Eric provides accounting services and day-to-day administrative operations for both organizations.

Eric also serves as the Managing Director of the Biorenewable Deployment Consortium and part-time for WINStep Forward, Inc. where Eric places students throughout the globe for WINSTep’s two major students exchange programs, Khorana and S.N. Bose.

Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and trained as a Microbiologist, Eric Horn started his career in a variety of research roles at the University of Wisconsin Enzyme Research Center, the Department of Forestry, the USDA Forest Products Laboratory Institute of Microbial and Biochemical Technology, and private industry.

Kerry G. Hill, Director of Communications
Madison, WI

Kerry G. Hill served for more than 10 years as the national/international news editor at the Wisconsin State Journal, the state’s second-largest daily newspaper. His experience included traveling twice on special assignment to Hessen, Wisconsin’s sister state in Germany. Prior to joining the State Journal, he worked as a reporter/photographer and editor at daily newspapers in Wausau and Appleton, Wisconsin, and Belvidere and Crystal Lake, Illinois.

After leaving the newspaper business, he directed communications for the School of Education and the International Division at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for more than 15 years. He served as the communications liaison and photographer for UW-Madison’s largest-ever, high-level delegation to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, in June 2012.

He has been a leading voice for international education and global engagement, serving as president of Global Wisconsin, Inc., a non-profit advocacy group, and as a member of the State Superintendent’s International Education Council. He was involved in creating the Wisconsin Global Youth Summit and developing Wisconsin’s Global Education Achievement Certificate program, which has become a national model.

He is trained in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and currently teaches/coaches non-native speakers who want to improve their English communications abilities.

His strong interest in global education and cross-cultural connections stems from his experience, at age 17, as an exchange student to Micronesia, where he lived with a native Chamorro family on Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Originally from Rockford, Illinois, he earned his B.S. in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, where he also studied history, political science, and anthropology.

Emily Zachary, Unity Director
Platteville, WI

Emily Zachary is an educational trailblazer dedicated to fostering inclusive environments and empowering diverse voices in K-12 education, serving as a catalyst for transformative change within educational communities. As a dedicated leader in professional development initiatives, Emily crafts and delivers comprehensive programs that foster a culture of continuous learning and unity among district staff and community stakeholders.

Her expertise lies in facilitating coaching conversations, guiding and mentoring district staff to enhance individual and collective performance, and nurturing professional growth and development. Emily navigates courageous conversations using restorative justice practices to promote understanding and unity among diverse stakeholders.

At the forefront of fostering inclusive spaces, Emily leads a vibrant ‘We are Many…United Against Hate’ chapter in the Platteville School District involving over 80 students. The Platteville ‘We Are United’ group has created a K-12 mentorship program, led professional development for staff and students, facilitated monthly book talk discussions, and created a safe and welcoming environment. Her leadership cultivates an environment for dialogue, education, and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a platform for mutual respect and learning.

Emily’s commitment to equity and inclusion is reflected in her extensive engagement with various conferences and workshops focused on embedding equity in educational practices, addressing systemic biases, and fostering cultural competence. She has a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, has completed training in Equitable Coaching practices, and has led initiatives in her own district in her role as Inclusion Advocate. Her presentations on topics like courageous conversations, restorative justice practices, and creating inclusive environments showcase her dedication to creating positive change.

As a presenter and educator, Emily Zachary continually seeks to empower others by sharing insights and strategies to address challenges related to equity, bias, and fostering inclusive educational spaces. Her contributions to professional development and advocacy for inclusivity make her a driving force in creating equitable and respectful educational environments