We aim to provide our community with the resources they need to be aware of what’s happening locally and nationally and to take action and make a positive difference.

Promoting Inclusiveness and Tolerance in Schools

Powerful resources for schools committed to promoting inclusiveness and combating hate. These resources all come highly recommended by a small team of students, teachers and administrators from Wisconsin schools.

Speakers Bureau

Contact us to request a speaker or hold an event in your community: contact(at)

Advisory Notices

When new information becomes available that you need to know about, we will share them in the form of advisory notices.

Immigration Support

Resources available in the community to provide assistance, guidance, and support to families and individuals regarding immigration rights.

Your Elected Officials

Our democracy gives us opportunities to shape our community and the direction our nation is headed in. Make your voice heard and speak with your local, state, and federal elected officials.

Responding to Hate

Guides and ideas for how to respond when witnessing hate in your community.

Do you have ideas for other resources we could help provide? Contact us with your ideas!