Our Impact

Major Accomplishments as of 2024 

Completed an event “Wisconsin Muslim Project”, which was the culmination of work by PBS Wisconsin, MMWC, and UAH in an effort to change the perceptions non-Muslims might have about Islam and Muslims in society.

Worked in collaboration with the US Department of State in hosting two events on “Countering Violent Extremism” for international delegates from Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

Hosted informational events on teaching the public about Domestic Terrorism and how to combat hate.

Based on the positive impacts of our educational programs on communities, particularly our youth, WAM- UAH has received many local, state, and national awards, including the prestigious National FBI Leadership Award in Washington, D.C. from the FBI Director, Christopher Wray.

Since this is a grass-root movement, we have empowered our students by creating a Student Ambassador Board. Three schools and one UW campus (UW-Stevens Point) have already started chapters of WAM – UAH led by students to build an inclusive campus/community where they live by engaging school administrators/teachers/staff, parents, businesses, local elected officials of both parties, and finally local media.  Other states and countries are now in conversation to start these chapters as well. 

Due to the rise of White Supremacists in the last few years, and their killing of innocent people, particularly Jews & Muslims, we created an Honorary Board representing subject matter experts (domestic terrorism, hate crimes; urban/rural divide); former white supremacists, Muslim father who forgave his son’s killer; etc. from across the country, in addition to our state-wide diverse Advisory Board of 24 people. 

We started bringing the issue of Homegrown Hate & Domestic Terrorism to national attention by organizing national forums.  Our subject matter experts are frequent guests on national TV stations, such as CNN, Michael Moore, American filmmaker, podcast, etc., and start talking about our Movement and student’s engagement.

We have been involved in helping the Wisconsin state government build their Equity & Inclusion Plan for all state agencies, providing webinars about our Movement and how to build an inclusive environment in each of these State agencies.

We have written many columns in newspapers and did many TV interviews to promote our movement, and also shared concerns about the Muslim Ban and the double standard of our government and most mainstream media on only calling Muslim shooter an Islamic terrorist thus associating religion with terrorism causing a significant threat to the Muslim community. 

Worked with Biden administration and ended Muslim Ban. Also wrote columns with a focus on other community issues, such as the African American community.