About Our Movement

Mission Statement

We are common people who are urban and rural, spiritual and secular, seeking equal protection for all, united against hate, bigotry and racism.

Our Beliefs

We believe that what really makes America exceptional and has helped build our great nation is our policy of accepting any and all people, no matter their origin, color or religion.

We, as an anti-hate community, desire a nation that is not divided between white, black, brown, Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish, LGBT and numerous other groups. We want a country where every life matters.

People of different ethnic backgrounds, genders, skin color, religions and belief systems should join this movement to help fight against hateful speech and actions.

Join The Movement

Voice your support for promoting peace and unity in our community and stand united with your neighbors against hate.

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News & Events

Clearing Misconceptions about Islam: Full video of event

On the afternoon of Sunday May 21st, the Madison Muslim Community hosted a community event focused on educating and clearing misconceptions about Islam. Around 400 people attended the event which brought in speakers from various parts of the U.S. to cover topics such as what Sharia and jihad really are as well as how women …