Kathleen Dunn Show: Interfaith Community Grows In Response To Hate Crimes

There have been 70 recorded bomb threats against Jewish institutions since the beginning of 2017. Widespread vandalism in Jewish cemeteries has been recorded in St. Louis and Philadelphia. In the midst of political turmoil and flood of recent hate crimes, citizens from all backgrounds of faith — Christians, Muslims and Jews — have been coming together to show their support.

Our own Masood Akhtar is interviewed during the show to talk about what our group is doing to stand up and speak out in support.


Now is the time to speak out

After another wave of bomb threats at Jewish community centers around the country Monday, Madison faith leaders say these acts, and all other acts of hate, need to be condemned, and quickly. “If people don’t come out and comment on these publicly, I think it’s going to grow.” – Masood Akhtar

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