Acid attack part of an alarming trend in America

Leadership matters. The words of leaders matter. They can wound. They can heal. They can incite people to violence. They can bring people back from the brink of madness. They can effectively issue a license to hate and inspire ugly racist incidents and domestic terrorism by white supremacists, as the toxic rhetoric from the highest levels of our government is doing, says We Are Many-United Against Hate’s founder Masood Akhtar in this commentary published by the Wisconsin Examiner.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric led to acid attack in Milwaukee – Wisconsin Examiner

An ugly incident on Milwaukee’s south side where Mahud Villalaz, a 42-year-old U.S. citizen who immigrated from Peru, had acid thrown in his face is the tragic but inevitable byproduct of r elentless scapegoating and demonizing of immigrants by elected officials from the president on down.