#NoBanNoWall: Demonstration at Paul Ryan’s office

Sharing an event put together by our friends SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice):

Come together in a peaceful demonstration to show Paul Ryan that we do not support the religious and racial discrimination being promoted by the current administration and that we want him to stand up for what’s right and do something about it.

More details about the event can be found here on the event Facebook page.

United We Stand: A Community Gathering in Support of Our Neighbors Subject to Deportation or Discrimination

A city-wide gathering to support our community’s immigrant residents in the face of potential attacks by the next administration will be held on

Sunday, January 29th (2PM-5 PM)
at Monona Terrace Conference Center.

United We Stand, organized by a committee of community leaders, Madison Alders led by Samba Baldeh and Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith leaders, will provide information on the legal rights of immigrants, the perspectives of local, state and national elected officials and how we can help each other in the difficult times ahead.

Speakers include Mayor Soglin, representatives of the Latino and Muslim civil rights organizations, the ACLU and faith leaders. The afternoon meeting will be moderated by Rev. Everett Mitchell, Dane County Judge and Pastor of Christ the Solid Rock Church.

“This effort is in response to unprecedented attacks and threats by the President-elect against millions of Americans. Despite the fact that I am an elected official and American citizen, I feel that my safety and that of my family and the immigrant community is in jeopardy. I know that thousands of other area residents are quietly living in fear and that this is inconsistent with what I believe to be American values.” said Ald. Samba Baldeh, who emigrated from Gambia 18 years ago and is Muslim.

Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman of Congregation Shaarei Shamayim shared a different perspective. “Many members of the Jewish community have a strong commitment to stand with our Muslim and Latino neighbors.  We grew up learning about the Nazi persecution of Jews, as well as the imperative of protecting the most vulnerable among us.  We fear the increasing power of white supremacists and know that communities must stand together, speaking out against hatred and injustice.”

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, who will provide opening remarks to the meeting said, “Many Madison residents have contacted me who are not personally endangered by the threats of deportation or registration. But they know that their neighbors, friends and colleagues may be targeted and they want to know how they can help. We want to gather these folks together and give them practical answers.”