IAMC Reports on White House Uniter Award

President Joe Biden has chosen 21 individuals from across the country to be honored on Thursday, Sept. 15, as “Uniters” in a special “United We Stand” Summit ceremony at the White House to “counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.” One of those 21 will be Madison’s Masood Akhtar, founder and president of We Are Many-United Against Hate Movement (WAM-UAH). Read the article at IAMC>

United Against Hate Student Ambassador Board Members Interviewed By Milwaukee NPR

Students are headed back to school, undoubtedly with a lot on their minds about safety. They may also be weighing the realities of bullying or experiencing violence because of their identities. Across the state, high school students are forming clubs to combat hate and make sure all students feel welcome and safe at school.  Lake Effect’s Mallory Cheng spoke with a couple of Wisconsin students about their efforts. Please listen to the interview and read the article>