Radio interview: Masood Akhtar and Nino Amato speak about recent shootings

Responses in the wake of El Paso and Dayton, and a president who is stoking a firestorm of hate.  Masood Akhtar and Nino Amato are founding members of “We Are Many: United Against Hate,” a Wisconsin-based group that came together to fight against hatred and white supremacism, and to transform hate into positive life-affirming education and action. 

The conversation is wide-ranging, and encompasses many aspects of racial and economic justice as they relate locally to the week’s tragic events, and efforts to transform this moment, for our world, our nation and our state.

This discussion occurs in the context of the radio program, “Community Conversations,” produced and broadcast out of the studios of the Sun Prairie (WI) Media Center.  Program host and  producer is John Quinlan, in this, a project of Forward Forum media.  For more information, go to or write to .